Practice Areas

KCLS limits the practice to the following areas of law:

Fair Credit Reporting Act (including ID theft and Mixed Credit files)

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, including collection abuse and false representations

Defense of consumer collection lawsuits, including debt buyers (often referred to as “junk” debt buyers or “zombie” debt buyers)

Bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 (Liquidation) and Chapter 13 (repayment of some of the debt)

Fair Credit Reporting Act claims are claims that involve inaccurate information on your credit file.  If the information is correct, we are unable to help you.  KCLS is NOT in the business of credit repair.  We sue for the money damages as a result of the falsehoods and lies they tell about you.   It includes Identity Theft, Mixed Credit Files, and Incorrect Status.  For more information about how we can help you recover from the lies and false accusations, please click here.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims involve acts by debt collectors who use unfair tactics to collect.  These include abuse, misrepresentation and lies, or general unfair actions.  For more information about how we can help you stop the abuse and lies, please click here.

Collection defense is the process of preventing you from having a judgment entered against you. A judgment is nothing more than a judge saying you really owe the money.  The problem of a judgment is that once a judgment is entered, the collector can garnish wages, sell property, or have a lien against your real estate, for the purpose of involuntarily collecting the money from you.  For more information about how we can help you limit the damage a lawyer collecting a debt does to you, please click here.

Bankruptcy is a legal process by which the court “wipes the slate clean” and absolves you of the legal responsibility to pay certain debt.  Chapter 7 is a liquidation of debts.  Most unsecured debts, including medical debts, credit cards, and some car accidents are “Discharged”.  A Chapter 13 is a repayment form, that, in addition to the debts that are Discharged in Chapter 7, allows you to catch up on certain bills, like mortgages, and car loans, and fix problems of child support and taxes.  Read more about Chapter 7 here and Chapter 13 here.



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