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The documents that we (or any other Bankruptcy Lawyer) will need, in order to file your Bankrutpcy.

There are 11 categories of documents that you will need to bring to your Bankruptcy lawyer.

  1. Proof of income for the last 6 months.  You will need to bring your paystubs for the last 6 months, because the Bankruptcy Code requires that you explain your income for the 6 months prior to filing Bankruptcy, and that you provide the last 60 days paystubs to the trustee.
  2. Proof of income for the prior tax year and proof of filing of tax returns.  The Bankruptcy code requires that you have filed all the tax returns for the last 4 years.  The best proof of filing of tax returns is tax transcripts. You can order your Federal tax transcripts by sending in a IRS form 4506-T.  Virginia Tax Returns need to be provided also.
  3. Real Estate information.  For each piece of real estate (land) that you own or are buying, you must provide:
    1. A current value.  Tax Assessed value from the county or recent appraisal.  A statement of estimated value by a real estate agent will do in most, but not all cases.
    2. A copy of the recorded deed, showing who owns the property. Recorded deeds can be obtained from the county clerks office, and are marked with a book and page number for indexing purposes.
    3. For each mortgage, a copy of the “deed of trust” or mortgage recorded with the county. These can also be obtained from the county clerks office. They will also be marked with a book and page number for indexing purposes.
    4. A recent payoff statement from each mortgage company that holds a mortgage against the property.
    5. A recent statement of arrearage, if any, from each mortgage company.
    6. Car information.  For each car, truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle, you own or are buying, you must provide:
      1. A title transcript, showing the ownership and lien information for the vehicle.  You can obtain this from any DMV office.  It should cost $8.00 or thereabouts.
      2. A statement of the payoff from the finance company.
      3. A statement of value.  CarMax will give you a good idea of the value, in writing, and for free.  You can also go online to Kelley Blue Book or National Auto Dealers Association (NADA).
      4. Bank Account information.  You will need to have the balance of each Bank account you have, or have had for the last 12 months.  You also need to provide information on closed Bank accounts.
      5. Retirement Accounts.  Proof of the value and the fact that it is a retirement plan.  Examples include 401k, 403b, IRA, Roth-IRA, Government retirement, or profit sharing plan, summary of plan statement.
      6. Life insurance information.  If you have a life insurance policy, we need to see if it is term, whole life or other. If you policy is whole life or something similar, we will need a statement of the cash value.  If it is a term policy we only need proof that it is a term policy.
      7. Proof of Identity and social security number.  Examples or proof of identity include your drivers license, state issued ID card, or passport.  Proof of social security number is your social security card or a tax transcript.
      8. Proof of completion of a credit counseling course approved by the US Trustee’s office. Krumbein Consumer Legal Services, Inc prefers Abacus Credit Counseling, because they are one of the lower priced services, and because they send an e-mail to you and us, confirming that you have completed the class.  Go to Abacus’s website, and click on the link for “First Class” . They also provide a course on Personal Financial Management (Debtor Education).  We prefer them because they are one of the lower priced providers and they send us an e-mail when you complete the course.
      9. If you have been in business in the last 5 years, we will need all of the documents about the business, including tax returns, asset-liability reports and profit and loss statements.
      10. A list of the creditors and collectors seeking to collect from you.  It is generally better to list someone to whom you MIGHT owe money, than to leave them out.  A credit report is a good source of that list, and you can order your credit report from the central source— or better yet, the phone number to order credit reports, 877-322-8228.  The phone call takes about 10 minutes.

There may be additional documents that we may need, but in most cases, this will cover the documents necessary to make sure that we have covered all the bases.

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