Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Credit Reporting Act (including ID theft and Mixed Credit files)

Inaccurate information often appears in consumers’ credit reports. One-fourth of the credit reports have serious errors in them. These errors could result in your being denied a credit card, an insurance policy, a job or a mortgage. If you aren’t aware of the errors until you apply for the new credit, loan or job, you may not be able to get the report corrected in time. That’s why consumers should check their credit reports from time to time, and especially before applying for a mortgage or employment. Please click here to contact our office if you have a mistake on a credit report.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), credit reporting agencies and creditors have a duty to correct inaccurate information.  You should send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus requesting correction of any inaccurate information.


  1. Keep a copy of the letter after you have signed it.

  2. Mail the letter by certified mail, return receipt requested.

  3. Keep the certificate of mailing (green and white “tag”) and the return receipt (green “post card”) with the copy of the letter you sent.


Here is a sample dispute letter to credit bureaus if you do not recognize the account at all.


Here is a sample dispute letter to credit bureaus if the account was Discharged in Bankruptcy.


IDENTITY THEFT: Many of our clients have been the victim of identity theft and are seeking to recover their good name and good credit. Some of our clients are sued by creditors for fraudulent accounts opened under their name. Others are harassed by debt collectors about accounts they never opened nor  owe money. Many had excellent credit, but now are often denied credit. Some identity theft victims have even filed for bankruptcy hoping it would be the solution. All victims say they are living a nightmare and want it to stop. Being the victim of identity theft and unfair credit reporting can end. Our firm may be able to help you. As a consumer, there are laws to protect you, the identity theft can be stopped and your good credit recovered. Many times clients also recover damages under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. There are answers to these problems; let us help you.

BANKRUPT DEBTS:  Many people who file for Bankruptcy do not get the “clean start” that they thought they were going to get.  The creditors whom they filed Bankruptcy to get away from continue to report that they owe money to them.  This is usually not because of an error by their Bankruptcy lawyer.  Being a victim and living the unending nightmare of credit harassment can end.  Our firm may be able to help you.  As a consumer, there are laws to protect you, the person who filed for Bankruptcy, and you can get the credit you deserve recovered.  Many times our clients also recover damages under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  There is  a way to end the abuse; let us help you.

IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT: The two situations just discussed lead consumers to suffer with poor credit. They end up being denied a loan for a car or a mortgage. Others end up paying more for the same car or house. These errors which are not their fault, end up costing consumers thousands of dollars in higher interest rates. If this sounds familiar, we are happy you have found this web site. Living in this nightmare can end. We are here to serve and assist you by helping enforce your legal rights and providing consumer education.

Our lawyers have filed many lawsuits under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and are nationally recognized by the media.  Jason Krumbein has been quoted in USA Today (September 27, 2005) and Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 2, 2010)

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The rights afforded to you, as a consumer, under the FCRA and the FDCPA means that a corporation or party who has violated your rights may ultimately be made to pay for statutory damages, actual damages, and your legal fees. Therefore, if we agree to represent you in any case, you won’t pay any attorney’s fees unless we are successful and we recover on your behalf. We are here to serve and have assisted many consumers TO enforce their legal rights. Let us try and see if we can help you too. That means you pay no fee in your case unless we recover.




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