Krumbein Consumer Legal Services, a Virginia Law Firm,  is dedicated to protecting individuals against abusive and illegal business practices. Our firm is one of the few in this state dedicated only to the practice of consumer protection law.

If you are visiting our web page, it is likely because you are an individual consumer with credit errors or you are being harassed by a debt collector. Our firm is dedicated to helping consumers, like you, find answers and solutions, by exercising your legal rights and by providing educational literature free of charge. Please read the educational articles on this web site. If you found them informative, please E-mail us and let us know. We enjoy hearing your comments and answering your questions.

Our firm’s goal is to assist individual consumers, like you, enforce their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act [FCRA] and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act [FDCPA]. As a result, we have extensive federal litigation experience against all types of credit card companies, lenders, creditors, credit reporting agencies, debt collection agencies, and other furnishers of credit information.


The law requires that your credit report, including your criminal history and driving history, be true, complete and accurate. If it contains errors or lies, it is possible to sue the creditors and the credit bureaus who are damaging you.

The law also requires that debt collectors not do things that are abusive, harassing and generally unfair.